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Main actors in astronomy research in the country  There are 7 Research Institutes in the structure of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NAS of Ukraine), 2 Research Institutes in the structure of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine (MESYS of Ukraine); 15 astronomical observatories and Departments in the structure of the Universities of the MESYS of Ukraine; 1 Private Astronomical Observatory play a main role in the development and teaching Astronomy in Ukraine.
The XPM Catalog  Absolute proper motions of 280 million stars distributed all over the sky without gaps in the magnitude range 10m < V <20m on the basis of combined data from 2MASS and USNO-A2.0 catalogues.
MAO NASU Plate Archive   Digital archive of MAO NAS of Ukraine (GPA) comprises data of about 26 thousands of direct photographic plates, obtained with 14 instruments in 9 observational sites, and more than 2000 digital images of different resolution available via GPA search pages.
Mykolaiv AO Plate Archive   Digital archive of Mykolaiv Aastronomical Observatory (MykAO) includes astronomical data obtained during observations with photo plates and CCD frames. The digitization of the archive is near its completion. Digitized images are available via a web browser and Aladin.
AO LNU Plate Archive   Astronomical Observatory of Lviv National University (AO LNU) is the owner of valuable archive that stores approximately 8 000 of photographic plates from 1939, including nearly 6 000 direct images of the northern sky. The archive is partly digitized and images are available via the joint search pages of AO LNU and MAO NASU.
IRA UTR-2 catalogue of RS   The very-low frequency sky survey of discrete sources has been obtained in the Institute of Radio Astronomy of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences (Kharkov, Ukraine) with the UTR-2 radio telescope at a number of the lowest frequencies used in contemporary radio astronomy within the range from 10 to 25 MHz.
Mykolaiv AO stellar catalogues   27 astrometric stellar catalogues of Mykolaiv Aastronomical Observatory (MykAO) in VOTable format are available for downloading
AO KNU Historic Plate Archive   AO KNU glass collection contains about 20 thousand photographic plates. Historical part of the archive was received during 1898-1946 and now is being digitized.
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GRID-based Virtual Observatory VIRGO.UA 
VO VIRGO.UA for cosmology and astrophysics is a segment of VO «Infrastructure»- a virtual organization, which deals with ensuring the provision of standards for Grid Services for virtual organizations, to ensure reliability functioning of the Ukrainian power grid, Grid training for users and administrators of the Grid sites, as well as the creation of technical conditions UNG for entry into the international grid community...
WDC-Ukraine is a part of World Data Center System of the International Council of Science (ICSU). Among the basic tasks of WDC-Ukraine there is collection, handling and storage of science data and giving access to it for usage both in science research and study process. That include contemporary tutoring technologies and resources of e-libraries and archives; remote access to own information resources for the wide circle of scientists from the universities and science institutions of Ukraine...
Astronomical Net of Ukraine 
Добро пожаловать на портал! Терабайты видео, книг и другой астрономической научной и научно-популярной информации доступны для Вас! Вы также можете добавлять материалы - публиковать новости астрономии, статьи и т.п. Для этого достаточно пройти регистрацию. Давайте собирать информацию вместе!
US VAO Data Discovery Portal 
Find datasets from thousands of astronomical collections known to the VO and over wide areas of the sky. This includes important collections from archives around the world. Feedback on your experience with the tool is appreciated -- please send your comments, suggestions, and questions to the VAO Help Desk.
US VAO Cross-Comparison Tool 
Perform fast positional cross-matches between an input table of up to 1 million sources and common astronomical source catalogs, such as 2MASS, SDSS DR7 and USNO-B. Feedback on your experience with the tool is appreciated -- please send your comments, suggestions, and questions to the VAO Help Desk.
VOPlot v1.8 Beta 
VOPlot v1.8Beta includes many enhancements and bug fixes. To name a few v1.8Beta supports multi-grid plots for 2D Scatter-Plot which allows the user to have multiple plots having grid size from 1x1 to 3x3 in a single window. Paginated view is added to see data in tabular format which allows user to navigate systematically. Provision to label Lat/Long lines is also added. Users can now plot a cumulative histogram for all histogram types. VOPlot 1.8Beta shows the metadata of a FITS file instantaneously while the actual loading happens in background. VOPlot v1.8Beta also provides better handling of "faulty data" while parsing an ASCII file.

   Concept and objectives of UkrVO 

The concept of virtual observatory provides a unification of existing astronomical resources as interoperable data obtained from various institutions at national and international levels. The current concept of UkrVO supports development of photo plate archives in the form of direct images of certain sky areas and celestial objects, as well as the spectra of celestial objects. A convenient web interface and search engine will provide an access to these archives. Development of software packages for data processing and astronomical research is also envisaged.

In 2009-2010, a working group of Ukrainian Astronomical Association (UAA) developed basic concept of UkrVO as well as its aim and objectives, proposed organizational structure, analyzed scientific resources of UkrVO, formulated prospects of development, created a prototype site of UkrVO, which includes databases of the Main Astronomical Observatory (MAO) of Ukraine (Kyiv) and Mykolaiv Astronomical Observatory.

The objectives of UkrVO are the following:

  • development of registry;
  • development of an Joint Digital Archive (JDA) of photographic, CCD, spectral observations accumulated at observatories in Ukraine.

8th Congress of the UAA on June 26, 2009 approved a resolution on creation of a consortium of observatories, which have a unique astronomical observations. Joining the consortium is purely voluntary and implies that each organization undertakes the obligation to prepare its records of observations in accordance to the concept of UkrVO. To resolve the UkrVO priorities, the Congress established a working group, comprising representatives from 12 members of the consortium, and nominated the MAO of National Academy of Science (NAS) as a leading organization.

   Structure of UkrVO 

Organizational structure of UkrVO was adopted to be the Consortium of Ukrainian observatories as the owners of their unique observational archives. Accession of the institution to UkrVO Consortium is absolutely on a voluntary basis and implies that every member supports the goals and principles of IVOA and UkrVO, takes an active part in all UkrVO events and all the decisions and documents of IVOA and UkrVO takes as mandatory for carrying out its VO activity.

   Scientific component of UkrVO 

The core scientific resource of UkrVO will be the JDA of astronomical data. The JDA is being created using archives of observations of various celestial objects in the optical, UV, radio and gamma ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum obtained in different observatories.

Conceptual content of scientific component is the following:

  • combined archive of photographic observations of celestial objects obtained from 1890 to 1990's, stored in Ukraine;
  • combined archive of CCD observations of celestial objects obtained from the early 1990's, combined archive of spectral observations of celestial objects (in optical, UV, radio and gamma bands), started in 1940’s;
  • data archives of space missions, which were obtained with the participation of Ukrainian observatories;
  • catalogues have been created at observatories in Ukraine since the beginning of their activities.
   Principal activities of UkrVO 

The main activities of UkrVO in 2011-2015 years are the following:

  • to create a web site of UkrVO and to develop and put in the public domain formats for publication of data within the UkrVO;
  • to conduct an inventory of the current state of photographic, CCD and spectral archives;
  • to carry out certification of CCD and spectral observations, collected at astronomical institutions in Ukraine;
  • to create the necessary software for the JDA on the base of DBGPA V2 package, developed by MAO NAS of Ukraine, and VO package, developed by Mykolaiv Astronomical Observatory;
  • to create the JDA of photographic and CCD observations obtained at astronomical observatories in Ukraine, having total volume up to 20 TB, especially that part of the photographic observations in 1890-1945, representing more historical and scientific value;
  • to elaborate methods of joint management of multi-terabyte data sets on the basis of databases developed at the MAO NAS of Ukraine and Mykolaiv AO, including those located on different computing resources, to formalize the requirements for inclusion in the JDA of information resources from other organizations;
  • to create the JDA-based online services for primary processing of digitized images;
  • to carry out research projects using the JDA, including those started in previous years, such as: search for optical counterparts in the direction of gamma-ray flashes, search of asteroids, study of distant planet satellites, study of variable stars, creation of stellar catalogues in selected fields, etc.;
  • to develop a program by using GRID-technologies to speed up processing of massive database queries.
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